Questions and answers!

1. What should I expect from a  home photoshoot?

    A. Each photoshoot is different and I understand this. I make photoshoots as easy and simple as possible for you. We discuss all the details before hand, including price, what you will receive etc. I travel to you and deliver the final product back to you, this way you dont need to travel and you stay in the comfort of you own home. 

2. Will I have to pay more once the photoshoot is done?

    A. No, absolutely not, there are no pushy after sales and you choose what package suits you and price before the photoshoot takes place.

3. Is there a big difference with a professional? 

    A. I know that in the digital age everyone has a camera phone and loves to take pictures. A professional doesn't just have a big camera and fancy lights. I have experience taking picture of lots of different things and my images are able to be printed to large sizes without the risk of loosing the sharpness and quality.

4. Can anyone book with you?

   A. Yes, of course. I have some customers that repeatedly come back for new photoshoots or to cover event's for them. I also have customers that have booked for a newborn baby photoshoot. Each customer has their own needs and I respect that. So if its a newborn photoshoot, a prom, wedding or a 'i want to feel good'  fashion photoshoot, everyone is welcome.