Phil Cooper - ARC5

33 - Engineer at unilever

Phil is married to a very understanding wife, Lisa. With a 3 year old daughter, Grace. She has to be very understanding because between racing and family there’s not much time for anything else. Most weekends are taken up by travelling to the autograss events and racing over the weekend. Some race events are only held on Sundays but with travel time, car prep and the actual racing Saturday travel and camping are necessary. Phil also travels to Ireland to compete in a Autograss event there. Again travel time, prep and ferries are needed so free time is hard to come by.


23 British championship titles.

14 years in a row as British champion.

9 national titles plus 2 champion of champions

National and British title wins In juniors and classes 7,8,9&10

He’s been involved in motorsport in one way or another for 27 years and its part of the family. His parents raced before he was born but took a break from racing when they took over the family farm. That wasn’t the end though as they started back racing again when Phil was 6/7. Phil started racing motocross at the age of 6 but wasn’t competitive at all and really wasn’t that bothered. However all that changed when he got into cars. He had a mk2 escort on the field at the farm from the age of 9/10 along with a good friend, Lee Seagreaves, who had one here aswell. At age 12 he started to race a junior mini and from there it hasn’t stopped, Neither has the winning, Phil has won 23 British Championship titles, 14 of those are in a row, 9 National titles plus 2 Champion of Champions, He also held a Guinness World Record in 2006. Indoor speed record at 82mph (beating the previous holder a Toyota F1 Car)


Class 7 mini pickup

The car is a space frame chassis with lift off body shell from bodyworx and is powered by 2 hayabusa engines (YES thats 2 engines!) done by Top Tune center producing 380bhp at the wheels and only weighing 660kgs, which is incredibly light making this car extremely fast and great to watch!


Its a rear engine, rear wheel drive monster with Xtrax shock absorbers, JAC bespoke stainless exhaust system, 213 performance data system / display and Lithium battery from Antigravity batteries. All in all, its a purpose build car to go as fast as possible on grass and mud!


K&N Filters UK - Long time sponsors - Fantastic quality filters

Rock Oil UK - Long time sponsors - Quality lubricants

Xtrax Shock Absorbers - Shock absorbers for all situations

JAC - Bespoke stainless exhaust systems

213 performance - Data system and display

Antigravity batteries - Lithium battery


MukJunkie - For all your cleaning needs

Maxsport - Tyres

Bodyworx - race car preparation and builds

Top Tune - Engine tuning

FRO systems - Adrenaline Sport Company


OBP Motorsport - Motorsport components

Phil has a lot of sponsor’s and works closely with a lot more companies, to find out more about each sponsor click the title to view their website.



“I started racing motocross at the age of 6. But I wasn’t competitive at all and really wasn’t that bothered. However all that changed when I got into cars. I had a mk2 escort on the field at our farm from the age of 9/10 along with a good friend who had one here aswell”


Where to see Phil and his car?

The next outing for Phil is at the Autosport International show, held at the NEC in Birmingham on 10-13 January 2019

Phil will be in the ‘Live Action Arena’ as part of the display. You will see an awesome display of cars. From drifting to autograss, stunt bikes and track cars. Its a show for any motorsport fan!

For more infomation about the Autosport click the link below:

Autosport International Show


Goals for next year?

“Firstly to qualify for the Autograss nationals in August and hopefully do very well there.”

“I’m looking forward to the nationals at Evesham. It’s a great venue and I like the track. It’s one that takes a lot of skill to master in my opinion. Also it’s my wife’s home club so it would mean a lot to do well there.”


Vote For Phil!

Phil has been nominated for oval racer of the year, That’s not a surprise with the amount of titles he has won. However the winner is chosen by the public and voting closes on new year’s eve.

To vote for phil click the link below and oval racer of the year category is on page 3. You can vote for Phil there and show your support.

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